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Cotton fabric for patchwork and quilting

When anyone starts to try patchwork and quilting they are normally advised to use 100 per cent cotton patchwork fabric and there is a very good reason for this.

Cotton is a natural fibre and is much easier to handle or manipulate than say a polyester fabric which has no natural give to it at all. When you are matching together the edges of two blocks of fabric you want them to fit exactly and with a cotton fabric you can ensure this. A cotton material is easy to sew by either hand or sewing machine which makes patchwork and quilting far more fun. 

Fabrics for patchwork and quilting are usually of a simple woven construction. They are therefore stable and easy to use. When you are cutting out various shapes such as squares, triangles, hexagons and strips you want the fabric to hold its shape whilst you work. Any fabric will have a certain in-built stretch when cut on the bias, or at 45 degrees to the straight grain of the fabric, but at least with a cotton fabric you can 'persuade' it to do what you want to achieve.

When you press a seam of a cotton fabric if your stitching is reasonable it will normally lie flat without any wrinkles. It is far more difficult to achieve this with a polyester material.

If you want to enjoy your patchwork and quilting, try using 100 per cent cotton patchwork fabric and enjoy your sewing experience.

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